Just One Year - Gayle Forman

I liked this novel because it was in Willem's point of view, and so you got to see what happened with Allyson aka Lulu through his eyes and mind. In a way, it reminded me of the If I Stay series just because like that series Gayle did the 1st novel through the girl's point of view than with the 2nd the guys. Liked how with Willem's point of view, you learned that what went through Allyson's mind with what happened wasn't the whole entire story. Also loved that Gayle managed to interpret Adam from If I Stay into this novel with Willem liking Adam Wilde's music. Only thing I managed not to like was, it took the book forever to finally pick up where the 1st novel ended, and by that time there was only a few pages worth of what happened after. Other than that, I liked Willem's story, so it was a pretty good read!