Sway - Kat Spears

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this novel, courtesy of The Reading Room, and I was not disappointed in the least when I read it. At first I was quite iffy about the plot since I usually do not like these sort of novels, but after reading it, I grew to love and relate to it. I think we all could relate to Jesse in some ways, from finding love in the most unexpected of places, lying to get what we want in life, not caring about the consequences until later on when they come back to haunt us, and making friends in the unlikeliest of people. Kat Spears is a sensational writer, which she demonstrates in this first novel of hers, and I would recommend this to everyone who happens to love romantic novels. All in all, I strongly suggest you buy it when it hits the shelves on September 16th. I hope she receives huge amounts of love from readers for this novel like she so rightly deserves.